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Thank You for Order Letter

A thank you for order letter is written in respect of receiving the purchase order made by another company. Thank you letter is meant for showing your gratitude for choosing your service to fill up certain needs of another company. It is also written to give a confirmation about the acceptance of the product order. The letter should be handled very carefully while giving the details of the product order as to avoid any kind of confusion regarding the business deal.

Here in the example stated below, a company writes this thank you letter to another company for choosing their services for conducting certain needs of the recipient company.

Thank You for Order Letter Sample


Mr. Daniel Radcliff

23-8, Marks street

Timothy building, New York

12th Nov 2014

Respected Mr. Radcliff

Subject: Thanking you for placing order

We are pleased to receive your order and this is to give a note of thanks to you for considering us to fulfill your requirements. It is really our pleasure to get a chance for receiving such a huge order. This letter is also to give a confirmation of your purchase request and we have no issue about your stipulated deadline for delivering the products.

As per your order, you need:

200 Yamaha bicycles of model number 4-h (all colours included in equal numbers) to be sent by 21st Nov 2014, that means within the 10 days.

Price per cycle: $55

We have discount of $50 on the total amount of your purchase. Hope this is not the end, we also maintain the relationship in the future too.

Thank you once again

Bill Nathan

Given Below are a few Order Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Purchase Order Cancellation Letter
A purchase order cancellation letter, as its name says, it is written to cancel any purchase order made earlier.

Change Order Letter
A change order letter states some changes in order that was made earlier for conducting certain works.

Hotel Order Letter
A hotel order letter is written to reserve a hotel room for spending a vacation or a trip.

Pay Order Request Letter
A pay order request letter is written to a bank in order to get the pay order for the bank transaction

Restraining Order Letter
A restraining order letter deals with some serious issue and it may be a legal letter according to the case of concern.

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