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Pay Order Request Letter

A pay order request letter is written to a bank in order to get the pay order for the bank transaction, which is made on behalf of a company. This letter should express the reason of requesting such pay order to a bank authority so that they know the reason of such request and accept your proposal accordingly. It is a very common letter among the businesspersons, especially for those who need to purchase products frequently and for the payment to the clients, they use the bank pay order. One should use the formal style in presenting such letter.

Here in the example, a company writes this letter to a bank for getting the pay orders to complete the process of some urgent bank transactions for the professional purpose.

Sample Pay Order Request Letter


Mr. George Grey

GM Accounts,

ABC Bank Ltd

Southwark Street,

Southwark, London

7 Nov, 2014

Dear Mr. Grey

Subject: pay order request letter to ABC Bank Ltd

We would like to request you to make some necessary arrangements for ten pay orders, that should be payable around the Southwark, London area to our vendors as per the list attached along with the letter. This pay orders is for various kinds of transactions to the clients in respect of the purchases made by the company. We have many clients in the above mentioned area and to make the bank transaction, we need these pay orders from your bank. It is a part of our business so that we request you to process our proposal as early as possible.

We need this pay orders by the 15th of this month and any kind of delay from your side can affect our reputation and business as well.

If any further details are needed, please let us know.

Thanking you.

Max Peter.C

ABC Pvt Ltd.

Given Below are a few Order Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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A thank you for order letter is written in respect of receiving the purchase order made by another company.

Purchase Order Cancellation Letter
A purchase order cancellation letter, as its name says, it is written to cancel any purchase order made earlier.

Change Order Letter
A change order letter states some changes in order that was made earlier for conducting certain works.

Hotel Order Letter
A hotel order letter is written to reserve a hotel room for spending a vacation or a trip.

Restraining Order Letter
A restraining order letter deals with some serious issue and it may be a legal letter according to the case of concern.

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