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Restraining Order Letter

A restraining order letter deals with some serious issue and it may be a legal letter according to the case of concern. This letter is produced when an authority restrains an individual or a group of people from committing some deeds, which are against the law and that letter should be written as per the applicant’s charges submitted to the authority. The legal authority gives an alert to the people on the basis of the applicant’s report and if any kind of infringement happens, the legal authority can take a serious action against the accused.

Here in the example, the letter is written by legally to restrain an individual for conducting a domestic assault on his sister as per the complaint.

Restraining Order Letter Sample

Date: 7th Nov 2014


Benjamin Richard [adverse party]

16, Lansdowne Street

Philadelphia, PA 4412

CC: Mary Richard [applicant]

41, Market Street

Philadelphia, PA 4588

Subject: Restraining Order Issued By The District Court

Dear Mr. Richard,

The letter is to inform you that according to the restraining order application, a complaint is received against you, charging you for committing crimes and harassment on the applicant who is, by relation your sister. On the basis of restraining order application number-401, you are accused of violating the domestic law.

A term of temporary restraining order is issued against you according to the law, which is valid up to the 6 months. During the term, the court keeps a strict vigil on you and it also prohibits you from avoiding the rules.

Extending the term can also be possible if there any legal proceeding will be conducted by the court.


John S. Byrne


Pennsylvania Eastern District Court

702 Commercial Street, Room no 7801

Philadelphia PA 4566

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