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Performance Feedback Request Letter

Every person desires to deliver the best performance but just performing is not enough. You also need to know how you have been performing. For that, you need to ask your senior manager or boss to evaluate your performance and share their feedback on how well you have performed. You can always send a formal request to your senior manager asking him to review your performance and share the conclusion with you or with the HR team or with the management as it is important for your appraisal and career.

Here is a sample performance feedback request letter given below for your reference. Use it as per your convenience to ask your boss to evaluate your working.

Performance Feedback Request Letter Sample

Angelina Johnson

12 Richmond Street

New York

Phone: 1234-5678

Email: [email protected]

Date: 17th October, 2015

Adam Smith

Manager, Human Resource

ABC Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

45 Park Avenue

New York

Subject: Interview Feedback Request

Dear Mr. Smith,

Today I have completed my first year with ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd. as Sales Executive and it has been a pleasant professional year with lots of challenges which have helped me learn new things. During this time, I got an opportunity to learn about skills to meet the targets, skills to interact and communicate with the customers and skills to freeze the deal. All this learning has helped me enhance my performance levels and meet my targets on time.

I am very happy that I have met all the targets assigned to me before the deadlines. I have managed to handle customer queries with effectiveness because of which all the customers have been happy and satisfied.

I would request you to please evaluate my working with the HR manager and submit your feedback with him for this year.

Thanks for considering my request.


Angelina Johnson

Sales Executive

ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

Given Below are a few Feedback Letter Formats for a clearer Idea.

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