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Customer Feedback Request Letter

Feedbacks from customers are essential for any company. They are useful for improvising on your product offerings and services. As the manager of the company, it is important for you to know how must satisfied or upset your customers are with your offerings so that you can get better. There is always room for some improvement and customer feedbacks are the best way to know about it.

Frame professional customer feedback request letters asking them to share their experience in shopping with your company or purchasing your products. Here is a sample of customer feedback request letter which can be used for connecting with them.

Customer Feedback Request Letter Sample

Amanda Johnson

Customer Relationship Manager

Natural Beauty Products Limited

12 Richmond Street


Date: 23th October, 2015

Ms. Mary Holmes

45 Mountbatten Apartments

New York

Dear Ms. Mary,


It has always been a great pleasure to provide you with our products and services. We strive to get better in our offerings and surpass your expectations by continuously improving in our products and services thereby leaving no room for you to complain.

In order to achieve this goal, our team would be highly honored if you could please share your feedback about our products and services offered. Therefore, we are writing to request you to please send us your feedback that could be related with a positive experience with your last purchase or any area in which you would like us to improve. Please feel free to write us your opinions or suggestions at [email protected]. We promise that we are going to work on it to get better.

Feedback is an essential tool for us which helps us improvise on our products and services which in turn help us connect with our customers in a much stronger manner. We value the opinions of our customers and know how important they are for the growth of our business.

Thanks for your time and we will look forward for your feedback.


Amanda Johnson

Customer Relationship Manager

Natural Beauty Products Limited

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