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Marketing Letter to Client

A marketing letter to client is an important tool for any company as a marketing strategy. In the business, you have to take care that your clients are well informed about your product and that is why this marketing letter to client is made to give every update of your company to the clients. It also helps to make good liaison between your company and the client that in turn helps to sustain the loyalty of your customer.

Here in the example, a textile company writes this letter to its client about informing the discount of the product and some new product line up.

Sample Marketing Letter to Client

Nov 4, 2014

The Purchasing Officer

Soone Textiles

560 West Alley


Dear Mr. Bright:

We, Endrina Products, are happy to have you in our journey and we would like to thank you for being with us. It is our pleasure to serve products for your textile showroom. This letter is to inform you that we are going to start giving discounts for any purchase for the Onam season.

We plan for the raffle coupon for the wholesale purchase worth above 1 lakh and the grand prize for this raffle is 25 lakh in the Onam season in Kochi.

As you know, we are also introducing new products that include women dresses, men’s suits and kiddy wears. We have a special collection of Malayalee dresses for Onam which is very fashionable and can meet your demands. So, as you are our loyal customer, we hope your presence in such occasion.

Best wishes.

Sincerely Yours,

Matthew Grant (Marketing Manager)

Endrina Products Ltd.

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