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Sales Marketing Letter

A company or an organization in the sales business field writes this sales marketing letter to the clients in order to give ways that help the recipient company to increase their sales that in turn maximizes the profit. So, for a company, this letter is a very important tool to communicate with the client and not only that, but this letter also works for the marketing tool of the company. As your purpose is to sell your idea to the recipients, you have to handle this letter with a great care.

Here in the example, a company writes this letter to its client in order to convince him about the proposal offered by the company. The proposal is about increasing the sale of the recipient.

Sales Marketing Letter Sample


Justin Donnaro,

Secchi Internationals,

4747, Geporto Lane,

Davia, MJ 4743


Mr. Andrew Tuffiano,

Purchasing Director,

Finners Company,

47281, Herto Lane,

Bopits, MN 2342

5th November 2014.

Dear Sir,


On behalf of the Secchi Internationals, I am writing this letter to you as to inform our services for your company. We are running the sales marketing program and the sole aim of which is expand your sales efficiency that leads your company towards the profit.

We are in this field for the 10 years and we have served many companies before that make our success story. Mainly, our program is about selling goods and products of other companies and with our innovative ways, this program helps many companies to get a way of success. A complete guide is attached along with the letter for your convenience.

Hope to receive your positive response.

Yours faithfully,

Justin Donnaro,

Sales Manager,

Secchi Internationals.

Given Below are a few Marketing Letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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