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Marketing Letter to CEO

A marketing letter to CEO is very important thing for any company to market their services in a direct way. As a CEO is the highest body in a company, he/she may have a busy schedule, but if your marketing letter is interestingly handled, it may get a positive response from the company. As it is addressed a CEO, you have to give a great deal of interest to write your letter. Along with that, it is meant for marketing your services or products, so the tone of the letter should perfectly match the purpose of writing.

Here in the letter, a company writes this letter to a CEO to inform him about their services of training employees that in turn helps the company in maximizing the profit.

Sample Marketing Letter to CEO

November 4, 2014


Making A Letter to CEO

Informatik IT Services Co.


Dear Mr. Prince:

We bring some innovative ideas that boost up your working environment and you can get 100% performance from your team that in turn helps your company to make a strong reputation in the market. We are in counseling and training field for the five years and very much acquainted with the problem a CEO face. Our services will prove beneficial for you.

Our services include:

  • We train the new employees of your company who have less than 2 years tenure to make them able to enhance their skills in their respective areas.
  • We provide advanced training for your experiences employees to be loyal to your company and give their best for the company’s well-being.
  • We conduct sessions for the different level of employees.

Our services help you to make the best working environment and cut the chances of employee reductions. If our ideas make any interest, you can contact us at 9382749736.

Thanking you so much.

Yours Truly,

James Strong

Personnel Counseling Provider.

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