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Marketing Letter to Customer

A marketing letter to customer is written in terms of introducing your products and services to the customer. It is the best option if you are launching new products or business in the market. It saves your time; in addition, you can reach the masses in a wide circle that is a very important thing for your business. Marketing letter presents the ideas about your products in a convincing way as per the consumer demands. It is a very effective tool of marketing strategy to make some awareness of your presence in the market that is driven to your sell in the future.

Here in the example of a marketing letter to customer, a retail company writes this letter in order to inform the customer about its new opening of a branch.

Sample Marketing Letter to Customer

November 5, 2014

Dear Customer:

We are happy to bring our new branch of “HomeNeeds Super Market” where you can find everything whatever you need. Our idea is to make your task easier and so that we are inaugurating a one stop shop that meet your demand to live a daily living. We hope you will also be happy to visit our store.

Our manufacturers are different, but all of which believe in the best quality products, so we assure you that your requirements only find its replacements in our store. We also bring some new products as per your desire, which you may not have before, as until now, these were not available in any store. Along with this, we also keep our price low to satisfy you, but without compromising with the quality. Our store is open for every day till 10 pm in the evening.

So please visit our store. We are hopeful for your satisfaction.

Thank you and Regards,

Matt Spring (Marketing Manager)

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