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Marketing Letter for New Business

Marketing letter for new business is written to inform others about launching a business so that your business circle should know about your new venture. Writing such letter makes your task easier in terms of informing your clients and friends. Generally, such launching is done with an inauguration event, in which everyone requested to come and enjoy the event, so in that case you have to include the details of the event, including the date, time and venue and other information apart from giving the business details. It should be handled with great care.

Here in the example, an individual writes this letter on behalf of the company to invite his friends on an event for launching a new business.

Sample Marketing Letter for New Business

November 03, 2014

Dear Friends:

We would like to invite you all for the inauguration of our new business “Home Sweet Home ” in the Mayo market just near “Morgan Textiles” on Dec 23, 2014. We are venturing in the building needs and our collections are the best in flooring matters. We assure you that our services believe in the quality so we leave no corner for your dissatisfaction.

To make this moment enjoyable, we have invited the superstar James for that event which will be held on Dec 23 at 10 in the morning. As it is a special moment for us, we plan to give 10% discount on our products to make you happy on that day. Our different ranges of collections, including vitrified tiles, granites, Italian marbles, wooden flooring, doors, glass, ceilings, PVC materials, pipes that must make you satisfy. We are also heading to include home decoration goods to give you everything under a roof.

Your presence really matters to us, so please come and check out our products that definitely meet your demands.

Thank you and Regards

Roland Swift

Home Sweet Home

Phone: 9876543280

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