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Letter of Encouragement for Covid (coronavirus) Patients

COVID 19 has been the most challenging time for everyone around the world. In these times, we need few words of encouragement that help us fight COVID-19 pandemic. Most importantly, we need to encourage all those who are suffering from corona virus and in order to do that letter of encouragement during the coronavirus times is the right thing to do.

If you are planning to pen COVID-19 letters of encouragement to patients then you can follow the sample letter of encouragement for COVID patients shared in this post that will help you infuse new energies and hopes in patients who are fighting this pandemic.

Sample Letter of Encouragement For COVID-19 Patients

Dear All,

We are overwhelmed to see the inspiring strength that you all have shown in fighting the battle against the pandemic. You have not given up on the hope to get well and you have exhibited the best of strength and vigor in these difficult times.

We understand that the threat and challenges of COVID-19 are not over yet and you are still under the treatment but these times are going to pass soon. You must keep up with your courage and believe that things are going to be fine. You must know that we all are there with you and soon you will be free from this disease and will be at your home with your family. We promise to give you the best of the treatment so that you are able to test negative as soon as possible.

In these challenging times, we want that you always stay positive so that the negativities of the pandemic are not able to influence your body and mind. We want you to conquer this disease and come out positive and healthy.

Praying for your quick and healthy recovery.



Universal Hospitals

New York

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