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Encouragement Letter to Friend Example – How to Write

Encouragement Letter to Friend
Letter of Encouragement to a Friend

There comes a point in our lives when we feel rejected and lost and that is when a letter of encouragement can fill our souls with high spirits. If any of your friend is witnessing such a phase then an encouragement letter to friend can prove to be a wonderful thing to infuse him or her with positivity. Be a true friend and write a letter to your friend that motivates him or her and puts a bounce in the life.

In this post, we have come up with an encouragement letter to best friend example to help you write a letter of encouragement to my friend. Along with the template, we have also come up with a list of tips to frame a warm letter of encouragement.

How to Write an Encouragement Letter to Friend

Here are some useful tips to draft a personalized encouragement letter to a friend:

  • Start by telling them that they have been on your mind.
  • Be specific in mentioning the purpose of writing the letter.
  • Include your words of encouragement. Make sure they are short and motivating.
  • Don’t make the body of the letter too long.
  • Add a personal touch to the letter as well as to the advice you are including in the letter.
  • Don’t forget to check for grammatical and spelling errors.

Sample Encouragement Letter to Friend


Susan Jacob

54, Richmond Hills


Date: October 20, 2021


Rita Gibson

88, St. Anthony’s Street

New York

Dear Rita,

I have been thinking about you off late and about what all you are witnessing in your life at this point of time.  Always remember that everything happens for some good and I am sure that you will be able to survive these difficult times.

I am aware that things have not been going as expected in your life but I just wanted to tell you that you have a friend who is always there to support you through thick and thin. Since the school times, we both have stood by each other and we will always stick around no matter how rough the times are.

It came as a shock to me when I got to know that you have met with an accident on the day of your entrance examination for MBA. I know that you have been preparing for the entrance from last six months by putting in all your time and efforts but I think it was destined to happen and so it happened. Sometimes we don’t have answers for questions and therefore, all we can do is accept what is happening around us for the good.

In these challenging times, I just want to remind you that you are one strong girl and you have never ever given up in life. Though you have missed on the chance to write an exam this time but six months down the line, there will be another set of exams and you can shine bright in them. Do not lose hope and keep working harder to pass the entrance with bright colors. May be God has given you some extra time to prepare so that you can get a much better college.

Be thankful that the accident that took place did not bring you any serious injury despite the fact that it was a major accident. You were saved by Almighty and you must be very thankful for it.

Don’t lose hope and stay committed to your studies and nothing is going to stop you from achieving your goals and making your dreams come true. This situation is an exam for you in itself and therefore, you must not get weak and feel lost as things are soon going to get better. You must only focus on the next entrance and work for it.

If you need any help, always remember that I am just a call away. Just wanted to tell you that you are always in my prayers.

Lots of love,


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