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Letter of Encouragement For People Going Through Difficult Times

sample Letter of Encouragement People Going Through Difficult Times

Life is never smooth. It is a mixed bag- with moments of happiness and sadness, success and failure, smooth and tough times. At difficult times, you want someone who can motivate you to stand up again and face the challenges. Having someone who can encourage you to keep moving ahead is what you need at weak times. And encouragement letters can play a strong role in infusing positivity in people who are having a difficult time. They can be your friends, cousins, brothers, sisters, spouse etc.

We have come up with a beautiful letter of encouragement for people undergoing hard times. Use this sample letter to send it to someone you know, who is dealing with difficulties in life.

Sample of Letter Of Encouragement for People Facing Tough Times

Hey George,

We all come across difficult times in our lives and we all have different ways of dealing with them. The situation might be same for all of us but our reactions to those situations can never be same. What might be challenging for me might be very easy for you.

I just want to tell you that it is just a phase and soon things will change. Nothing in our life is constant. If you are having hard times now, you will surely experience happy times soon. The most important thing that can help you stay strong during challenging times is that keep doing your work, do not think much and everything will get better. Have faith in yourself and have faith in God and things will change for sure.

I know it is very easy to give lectures but it is very difficult to follow. But I know that you have an amazing potential. Many times in past, you have worked hard and changed the course of time. Things changed for good because you did not surrender yourself to the situations. Your focus on your work helped you work harder and accomplish things that even you couldn’t have thought of.

Again times have come when you need to show the same attitude towards life and things will change for sure. I don’t want you to lose your heart and patience. I want you to stay focused and work with more force and then just wait for the results to arrive.

I have faith in you that you will do amazingly well. I wish you all the luck!!!

With love,


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