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Leave Application Letter

If you are planning to take leave for some days due to some personal or professional reason, it is always sensible to report your employer beforehand in order to provide him some time to make arrangements and essential adjustments. Informing about your leave can not be informed verbally to your boss or employer at work. You need a proper formally written application format for the records.

Leave application act as a notification of your leave so it should not be very long. A professional application should be written in a few words to simply communicate your forthcoming absence at work.

There are moderately some important points that are required to be mentioned in your leave application letter.

Sample Leave Application Letter


Thomas Mathews

85, Sky-high avenues

Marcelo Street

76, Cortland


Mr. Arthur Fernandez

General Manager

Union Group of Industries

B 65, Cortland

Date: May 10, 2014.

Subject: Application Letter for leave

Dear Mr. Fernandez,

I am writing this application to request you leave of absence for 10 days starting from 30th January 2014. My sister is getting married on 04 February 2014.

My mother and I are in the family so it is obvious that this responsibility will fall on my shoulders. Most of the work related to her marriage is yet to be completed.

For this reason I request you to grant me leave for a period of ten days. I am writing you prior in order to get the positive answer. I will make sure to complete my pending work once I am back from my leave. I will be available on phone in case you need something urgently.

Hope you consider this request and grant me the leave. I have a desire to discuss the details personally. I am always available for the further query.

Thanking in anticipation.

Sincerely Yours,

Thomas Mathews

Given Below are a few Application letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Application Letter for Librarian Position
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