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15 Tips to write an Leave Application Letter

Here are some tips on how to write such letters to help you in the writing process.

  • Try to be specific and concise while writing such letters.
  • Do not waste the time of your employer just cut straight to the point.
  • Write down your name, address and contact number on the top left hand side of the letter.
  • Now write the recipient’s name, designation, address and correspondence details.
  • Place the date straight below the recipient’s address.
  • Mention the subject line. State your purpose in a single line.
  • Salutation is very important. Write down his or her title “Dear Sir/Madam or Mr. /Mrs. XYZ”.
  • Start your letter with a friendly opening and after that state the reason of your leave.
  • In the second paragraph, briefly explain the reason of the leave.
  • Declare your manager that you will be back to work after the accepted leave and will complete the loss of work time.
  • In the concluding paragraph again summarize your purpose in brief.
  • Sign off your application with an appropriate salutation.
  • Show your gratitude at the end.
  • Now proofread your application letter to avoid errors.
  • End with your signature.

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