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Grant Application Letter Sample

Grant Application Letter is addressed to such potential organizations, governments, foundations, philanthropic organizations and councils through which a person can request or appeal for grants or donation for some noble causes. They are certain amount of money provided or awarded to deprived people, firms and non-profit organizations.

Funding bodies require being convinced with two important points: existing considerable need and that the aspirant has the capability to meet that need in an innovative and fiscally responsible approach.

Grant applications are a positive and encouraging step undertaken by the government and related grant providing bodies to lend a hand to carry out some welfare projects that may be pending due to economic restrictions.

Example of Grant Application Letter


Mr. Robin Sparrow

6509 Southwest Avenues

98 Orland

10 May, 2014

Subject: Grant application letter for mentally retarded kids

Dear Mr. Sparrow,

I am writing on behalf of Blessed Child Foundation to share our goal and a grant proposal for your appraisal.

Our foundation that I started with my wife three years ago is working for the betterment of mentally retarded children of our town. Our objective is to raise awareness about the lack of basic amenities for them and raise funds to provide them a better life. We have more than 100 children in our foundation since we have started working three years ago.

Our way to do this is to organize a workshop that carries a social message to create awareness about these innocent children every year.

We are looking for international community support to have a greater impact in the coming years.

Thus, we are requesting $….. in grant funding to lend a hand for the salary of part-time intake counselor for the next two years.

Kindly contact me at your earliest convenience, if you have any query about our proposal.

Yours Truly,

Mr. Arthur Dell

Executive Founder

Blessed Child Foundation


Contact no. 5766877989

Given Below are a few Application letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Application Letter for Librarian Position
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Application Letter for Promotion
Every organization holds this policy where the hardworking employees are promoted in order to motivate them to continue with their job.

Loan Application Letter
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