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Internship Recommendation Letter

Writing Internship Recommendation Letter is nothing but promoting someone by pointing out his/her skill for the internship program to a certain company or an organization. A person who holds a good authority and reputation in the concerned field writes this type of letter. The Internship program is necessary for a student to grow his/her experience in the real work field. So, getting a chance for the internship program is difficult; and one of the ways to do this is that obtain an Internship Recommendation from an authority.

Here, the sample provided below, a person who holds a position in the medical field, writes this recommendation letter for a medical student to enroll his name in an internship program.

Sample Internship Recommendation Letter


Professor Jason Grant,

Department of Surgery,

University of Rulex Teaching Hospital,

3748, Hilat Avenue,

Berton, NH 3473


Professor James Smith,

Chief Medical Director,

Administrative Building,

University of Laxes Teaching Hospital,

7738, Solo Drive,

Sopetie, NG 273

1st Aug 2014.

Dear Sir,

I would like to recommend Dr. Greg Amoloye, one of our former medical students, for internship at your teaching hospital. At present, he is a medical doctor. As far as I know him, he possesses brilliant talent in the medical field. I came to know from him that his application is turned down for this position without explaining any reason from your side.

It made me to write this letter and I personally recommend him for the internship program. I have knowledge about her ability and dedication as he had been trained under my guidance. I think he deserves this position. I have to say that there are a few students who are as brilliant as like him.

I am concluding my letter with the positive hope.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

Jason Grant,

Professor of Surgery,

Rulex University Teaching Hospital.

Given Below are a few Internship letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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