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How to Write a Thank You Letter After Internship with Sample

How to Write a Thank You Letter After Internship - sample Thank You Letter

Once you are an internee, you are in the professional world and therefore, it is extremely important to work on your professional relationships. And writing a Thank You letter after internship experience definitely a good thing to do. In fact, you can also write an internship interview thank you letter after you have faced the interview or a thank you letter after receiving internship offer letter. End of Internship Thank You Letter is nothing but a sweet gesture to express gratitude towards a person or company for helping you learn about the industry.

If you are thinking how to write a thank you letter than we bring to you a proficient Internship Thank You Letter sample format. This ready to download template can be customized and used as per your situation.

Tips for Writing a Professional Thank You Letter After Internship

We have come up with some very useful guidelines which you must follow while drafting a proficient thank you letter after internship:

  • Keep it short: Don’t include anything unnecessary in your letter. Keep it short and crisp because the reader of the letter is a busy person.
  • Be professional: Don’t just think you are an internee but while you are writing such a letter, think of yourself as an employee and keep it strictly proficient.
  • Share your knowledge: It is important that you must demonstrate some things that you have learnt, something that will reflect your knowledge.
  • No errors: Always check for errors, if any. No grammatical errors or spelling mistakes should be there in your letter.

Sample Format For Thank You Letter After Internship Experience


Omar Smith
103 Parkway Camden,
London, NW1 7PP

Date: 24.08.18


Mr. Adarsh Swami
Spring Dale Company
56 Beech Drive
London 6880

Dear Mr. Swami,

I am writing this letter to extend my warm thanks to you for hosting my internship for a period of six months. These six months have been a period of great learning and valuable experience for me and I hope that I was also able to add some value to your company with my work.

Though I have studied everything about Human Resource Management during my MBA but working under you helped me understand the practical side of the subject. Working with you has helped me put my theoretical knowledge into practice by managing the situational factors.

It has truly been a wonderful learning experience for me and this will be of great help to me in my future endeavors. And I wish that I find get to work with a prestigious firm like Fullerton Software Ltd.

I will be missing all my team and the wonderful associations I had formed with them in the last couple of months. It would be great to work with in this great company again in future.

Thanking you.
Yours sincerely,
Omar Smith

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