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End Of Internship Thank You Letter

End of Internship Thank You letter is made by a company or an organization to an individual in accounts of completing his/her internship time-span in the company. It is a thank you letter addressed to the interns for showing their dedication to the works while working for the company. Internship is necessary to gain a practical experience of the working life that prepares them for their future. This kind of letter is written to encourage the students to work with perfection.

Every company uses its own format to write an Internship Thank You Letter; if you have any confusion, you can see an example below.

Sample Internship Thank You Letter

29 July 2014


Mr E Jones

H.R. Manager


CA23 3RD


Mr Tom Hanson

23 Abbey View

St Bees

CA23 3RF

Subject: Thank you letter for work

Dear Mr Hanson,

I would like to thank you for your completion of the internship in our company. During the six months of your internship, you have proven your abilities to handle the situation professionally. Your approach to solve any problem leaves no corner to say, in the future, you will set an example for your work.

Pleased by your true dedication, we decide to give you an opportunity to work with us and gain your prior experience in your known working area. It will be great to see you again. As per our plan, we want to hold an official interview to discuss with you further. Though, the joining date will be informed you once you finish your degree.

In this process, you need to contact us for selecting your convenient time and date for the interview so that we can arrange the interview without any interruption to your studies.

Yours faithfully,

Mr E Jones

Given Below are a few Internship letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Writing Internship Recommendation Letter is nothing but promoting someone by pointing out his/her skill for the internship program to a certain company or an organization.

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A company or an organization writes this Internship Offer Letter to an individual in order to allow him/her in the company, but only as an intern.

Sample Internship Letter to a Company
An aspiring candidate writes this Internship Letter to a company in the hope to complete his/her internship from a certain organization.

Sample Internship Letter for Bank
The internship Banking Letter, as it name depicts, it is the letter written by an individual willing to do internship in a certain bank. The letter is for requesting to the authority to allow one as an intern.

Internship Rejection Letter Format
A company or an organization writes this Internship Rejection Letter to a candidate to inform him/her that the application for the post of internship is rejected.

College Internship Letter Template
The college internship Letter is written in response to the vacancies of the college for the post of the internship in the various departments.

Sample Internship Letter of Interest
Letter of interest is an essential document required at the time of an internship application. It could be written by the aspirant intern, department head of the college, instructor or the higher authority of the educational institution.

Internship Confirmation Letter from Company to Students
Internship Confirmation Letter from Company to Students Internship gives students a practical exposure to the real world.

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