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Internship Offer Letter

A company or an organization writes this Internship Offer Letter to an individual in order to allow him/her in the company, but only as an intern. This is a very important letter for a company when they are in the process of choosing desired interns for their company. Though before giving this letter, a company arranges many processes to select them. This type of letter carries information about the company and its conditions. For a candidate, this letter is the first key of his/her carrier.

You may be confused from where you start your letter; to solve your query, a sample is given below.

Internship Offer Letter Sample


Owen Wilson

Off Shore Apartments

34 East Side Street

New York, New Jersey 5467

Dated: 29 of July 2014

Subject: Letter for offer for internship

Dear Owen,

This is with reference to your application for the internship and the subsequent interview that we had with you on 20th of April 2012.

We would like to inform you that you are selected as an intern in our client service department. Your approach, which you have shown in the interview, makes me believe that you are the right candidate for this post and after discussing with the authority, we give you this offer Letter. Your joining date will be on 10th of May 2012 and it continues for the six months. You need to report at the client service department at ten in the morning.

We hope you will give your best during those six months.


John Woo

Recruitment Manager

Bates Advertising

Given Below are a few Internship letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Internship Confirmation Letter from Company to Students Internship gives students a practical exposure to the real world.

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