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College Internship Letter

The college internship Letter is written in response to the vacancies of the college for the post of the internship in the various departments. An applicant with his/her personal interest can write this letter to a college in order to gain experience in the chosen field. As internship can add extra skills to one’s life, it is the great opportunity, especially for those who just completed their studies and want to make a career in the academic field.

You may have lots of things to say, but if your thoughts fail to meet compactness, you can use the format, stated below, to draft your points.

Sample College Internship Letter


Stanley Moors,

4575, Agage Lane,

Nopers, MN 3844


Mr. Hadricks Woods,

General Manager,

Huisu Industrial Organization,

74333, Huisu Lane,

Gonami, HU 4893

28th July 2014.

Dear Sir,

I am interested in being considered for the position of customer service executive as an intern of your college as per the requirements posted on your official site. Mr. Hadricks Woods, the head of department at Southern University and past vice president at Hoffin Hill, recommended me for this post. My academic background and quick solving problem can aptly go with your criteria.

I had a great life in my three years of university course where I faced a lot of challenges to solve in the sales and marketing fields. During those days, I grew my experience as being part of many practical projects regarding the core marketing area. Alongside the practical knowledge, I was also exercised my theoretical knowledge at there. It was a great fun to apply the rules on the people when I was doing my job as a cashier at a school cafeteria. This year, I led a team to make a marketing project and after completing this, we as a team made many presentations before the companies. To accomplish the whole task, it needed a good communication power and a leadership quality that I have acquired during the project days.

I have also knowledge in volunteering as I took part in an Addiction campaign as a customer care executive with the Helping Hand. It added many skills to my professional life, including convincing quality, communicate with a friendly approach. That position lets me do what I wanted to do on my way and I made a memorable moment when I prevented a man, who was going to commit suicide.

Thank you for giving me your time. I would like to serve for the Hoffin Hill as a customer care executive. You can contact me through phone on (xxx) 321-7654, or can call me on my mobile at (xxx) 123-4567. If you want, you can send your response via email at [email protected].

Sincerely Yours

Stanley Moors

Given Below are a few Internship letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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