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Charity Request Letter

Charity request letters are usually written by the head of the non-government or non-profitable society for the request of charity. There are several societies serving the mankind without any government aid, they depend on the charity of the kind and generous people of society. This letter is a common practice in the way of charity request. A formal and factual request letter can convey your purpose clearly and effectively.

An appeal letter written on behalf of a charitable society is typically used to request aid from individuals and business corporation houses. These charities can use this contribution for a specific cause, for an occasion or it can be just for the regular operations of these societies. A well written letter can be an effective way to convert the potential donor into a regular donor. People have no time to stop and think about the others as they are living a busy life though they feel connected. If your request can show them an easy way in form of charity to help others, they will definitely do the charity with open heart.

Charity Request Letter Sample

Date: 12 February, 2014


Ms. Kathy Thom


Sunshine Society

56 Dwell Streets

Kari RF 46788


Mr. Adware Martin


Yellow Woods Company

6 William Square

Kari RG 465898

Subject: charity request for cornea surgery

Dear Mr. Martin,

I hereby, write this letter to request you on behalf of our non-profit organization Sunshine Society. We have been working to serve blind people who have no other treatment except the cornea implantation. We educate them with Braille language and also arrange cornea transplantation process as well.

I am aware with your generous character and heard a lot about your contribution for the mankind. With a great hope I am requesting you to donate for the cornea surgery of two of our teenage blind children. This surgery is supposed to be performed by the end of the month of April in the R.R. Hospital Kari.

Your charity can not only make this task easier but also bring sunshine in their lives. I strongly believe that you will not be uncertain in making donation. Thank you for your kind consideration. Please feel free to contact me on the given contact details.


Kathy Thom


Sunshine Society

Given Below are a few Charity letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Charity Donation Letter Format
Selfless people ready to serve mankind are everywhere. Some of them are working individually, some in small groups and some in form of big society/trust/ foundations.

Charity Letter for Association
There are several self motivated people around us who are continuously struggling for the betterment of the society. These are vibrant human beings who do not look straight to the government for each and every problem.

Charity Letter for an Event
Charity request letter for an event is commonly addressed to the corporate houses to collect charity for a particular event. This is written by the authorized person of social organization to get some financial assistance for a particular purpose or occasion.

Charity Fundraising Letter Template
Self help groups and non-profit organizations fully or partially depend on the charity or donations. The project coordinators, head or the authorized person of these societies most commonly requests the rich individuals and the business organizations for funding.

Charity Sponsorship Letter Example
Charity sponsorship letters are usually addressed to business organizations or big corporate houses in terms of requesting for funds. Non profitable organizations who partially or fully depend on the funding write this letter for their certain purpose.

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