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Charity Sponsorship Letter

Charity sponsorship letters are usually addressed to business organizations or big corporate houses in terms of requesting for funds. Non profitable organizations who partially or fully depend on the funding write this letter for their certain purpose. In order to receive a large donation a precise letter with a clear purpose of charity is the most effective way to get sponsorship for a particular charity cause.

This letter covers all the relevant information regarding the charity. Well written professional letters for charity sponsorship not only give all the information in organized manner but also provide ample time to the potential donor to think and act calmly. Corporations generally give importance to the factual and straightforward request rather than a long letter or a meeting with the society person asking for money.

Charity Sponsorship Letter Sample

Date: 4 Jun, 2014


Mr. Peter Kerr


Tender Hearts Organization

56 Wonder Streets

Brighton 78797


Ms. Rebecca Joe


Regal Associates

76 Queens Towers

Brighton 56879

Subject: Charity Sponsorship for Orphan Children

Dear Ms. Joe,

I undersigned am writing this on behalf of Tender Hearts Organization in order to request you for the sponsorship of the education of individual child’s education of our organization.

Our organization is working for the orphan children since March 2010. We not only provide them food and shelter but also educate them for their bright future. Some of the children are above 12 years in age. We are looking for individual as well as corporate sponsorship for such child’s further education.

I am writing this to you in anticipation of sponsorship of an individual child’s educational, vocational and other needs. I strongly believe that this will give you a feeling of satisfaction. I have attached a document of the detail regarding this charity sponsorship. You are requested to study the contact us with a positive reply.

Thank you.


Peter Kerr


Tender Hearts Organization

Given Below are a few Charity letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Selfless people ready to serve mankind are everywhere. Some of them are working individually, some in small groups and some in form of big society/trust/ foundations.

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There are several self motivated people around us who are continuously struggling for the betterment of the society. These are vibrant human beings who do not look straight to the government for each and every problem.

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Charity request letter for an event is commonly addressed to the corporate houses to collect charity for a particular event. This is written by the authorized person of social organization to get some financial assistance for a particular purpose or occasion.

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Self help groups and non-profit organizations fully or partially depend on the charity or donations. The project coordinators, head or the authorized person of these societies most commonly requests the rich individuals and the business organizations for funding.

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Charity request letters are usually written by the head of the non-government or non-profitable society for the request of charity. There are several societies serving the mankind without any government aid, they depend on the charity of the kind and generous people of society.

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