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Charity Letter for an Event

Charity request letter for an event is commonly addressed to the corporate houses to collect charity for a particular event. This is written by the authorized person of social organization to get some financial assistance for a particular purpose or occasion. It is normally sent to the elites who hold a high standing in the society. This letter gives complete detail about that event and the amount the sender has requested.

The basic purpose of a charity request letter is convincing the people or the company for a generous donation. A verbal request mostly gets rejected as you can put all the information in an organized way. Whereas writing a donation request letter is a proper way to present your purpose in an informative and organized manner. A professional request letter for donation with an emotional touch to the corporation or the big business houses is the best way to collect charity.

Sample Charity Letter for an Event

4 Jun, 2014


Mr. Edward Smith

Project Coordinator

We Bring Hope

65 Norman Lanes

Brighton DS 57799


Mr. Vivian Malaya


V.M. Groups of Industries

4, Hilton Heights


Subject: Charity Letter for an awareness event for physically challenged persons

Dear Mr. Malaya,

I am writing this on behalf of our organization We Bring Hope in order to inform and invite you for the charity event. We are organizing an event on 10 March, 2014 with a purpose of fund raising for physically challenged persons.

Most of the sport persons, social workers and celebrities from all across the country are invited in this event. We will put up sale counters of different handmade articles and there will be an auction of products used by celebrities. The raised fund from this event will be used in the reestablishment and education of the physically challenged persons.

Our organization has an impressive record in organizing such events. Your warm presence and some of your belongings for the auction is anticipated at the event. Thank you in advance for your support.

Yours truly,

Edward Smith

Project Coordinator

We Bring Hope

Given Below are a few Charity letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Charity Donation Letter Format
Selfless people ready to serve mankind are everywhere. Some of them are working individually, some in small groups and some in form of big society/trust/ foundations.

Charity Letter for Association
There are several self motivated people around us who are continuously struggling for the betterment of the society. These are vibrant human beings who do not look straight to the government for each and every problem.

Charity Fundraising Letter Template
Self help groups and non-profit organizations fully or partially depend on the charity or donations. The project coordinators, head or the authorized person of these societies most commonly requests the rich individuals and the business organizations for funding.

Charity Request Letter Sample
Charity request letters are usually written by the head of the non-government or non-profitable society for the request of charity. There are several societies serving the mankind without any government aid, they depend on the charity of the kind and generous people of society.

Charity Sponsorship Letter Example
Charity sponsorship letters are usually addressed to business organizations or big corporate houses in terms of requesting for funds. Non profitable organizations who partially or fully depend on the funding write this letter for their certain purpose.

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