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Tips for Writing Successful Charity Fundraising Letter

Here are some tips to write a charity fundraising letter. If you are responsible for fundraising for a nonprofit organization, these will help you in writing a well-written letter which can play significant role in your efforts.

  • Compose it on the organization’s letterhead as this is a formal communication. This is a formal letter so write it in the standard business format.
  • Write a precise message as a very long content can fade the real essence. Try to cover all the relevant information in a brief and factual letter.
  • Keep your tone polite yet formal. Though, you can add some motivational and persuasive line in it. You are writing a request for charity so you can develop a cordial connection with the cause you are collecting funds but never use pleading or begging expressions.
  • Put the current date on the top.
  • Introduce yourself and the purpose for which you are requesting fund raiser. Do not dig deep in the initial paragraph. You can explain it in the next paragraph.
  • Do not feel shy in putting your demand of money as this is for a kind motive. Give a hint about the amount you are required to satisfy the need of your current project.
  • Explain the process of fundraising clearly. Write down how the recipient can donate money specifically by cheque or you are accepting cash only.
  • Express gratitude in the end of the letter. Write a thank you note followed by a persuasive line. You can write such lines, “Thank you in advance for your support”, “Thank you for your consideration” or simple “Thank you” can do the job.
  • Close it with a formal closing for instance, ‘Thanks and regards’, ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Truly’.
  • Enter your name, title, name of your organization and put your signature.

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