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10 Tips to write an Charity Sponsorship Letter

We have provided some useful tips to charity sponsorship letter to make you write an effective piece of writing to meet your purpose exactly.

  • Write it on an official letterhead to make your request effective and authentic. Follow the standard business letter writing format for this purpose.
  • Keep the tone of your letter formal and humble. Though you are writing for a social cause the tone of your letter cannot be personal. You can add some motivational lines or give it a persuasive touch.
  • Put the current date on the top and write a meaningful subject line to deliver the exact message.
  • Introduce your organization and the cause you are working for in the initial paragraph. Do not provide details in the first paragraph.
  • You can tell the reader about the origin and history of your foundation in the next paragraph. Here add some sentences about the project you are handling. Give detail about the particular purpose for which you are requesting the charity sponsorship.
  • Do not use generic greeting. Always address the reader directly with a formal salutation. This gives a personal touch.
  • Remove your human tendency of hesitation with a firm attitude and a sense of commitment for the charity cause. State the amount and the support you are expecting with the potential donor.
  • Do not leave any possible question unanswered regarding the sponsorship. Provide all the obvious details about the usage of the money in the middle paragraph.
  • Close your letter with a thank you note.
  • Write a formal closing as ‘Sincerely’ or ‘Faithfully’ and put your signature.

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