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Write a Letter to your Best Friend on His Birthday

Birthday of a best friend is a special day. Make it a memorable day for him by writing a letter to friend wishing Happy Birthday. A letter which not only wishes him on his birthday but also expresses your feelings for him. A touching birthday letter to friend in the times of mobile phones and emails will surely make him jump out of surprise. You can also write birthday letter to girlfriend and boyfriend on their special days. Just like a birthday invitation letter, there is a letter which wishes your best friend.

We have come up with Birthday Letter Writing Tips along with a Birthday Letter to a Friend. Use this beautifully drafted birthday letter sample to write a warm letter to your dearest pal.

Sample Birthday Congratulations Letter Writing Tips:

Here are some useful tips to write a beautiful and heart touching birthday letter to your dearest friend:

  • Tone: The tone of the letter to my best friend on her birthday has to be rejoicing. Don’t keep it formal but keep it which helps you to connect with her or him instantly.
  • No Formal Words: Usage of formal words must be avoided. Instead you must use words that are personal and help you establish that quick connection with your friend. This is what will make your letter memorable and warm.
  • Hand-Written: Formal letters are suppose to be typed and printed but personal letter like birthday letter have to be hand-written because they reflect your love in each word you pen.

Sample Birthday Letter to Your Friend

Flat 45, Au Reverie Apartments

Date: 31.10.18

Dear Paul,

I am writing this letter to wish you a very Happy Birthday. Though it is your birthday but I am more excited than you because you are going to be turning eighteen today. I pray to Almighty to shower you with all the happiness and success and give you all the strength to achieve your dreams.

Because it is such an important occasion, I thought of writing you a letter as you are not here with me and I cannot hug you tight and wish you and this is something that I have never done before. You are very special to me because you are my best friend and because there is no one else in this world who understands me like you do.

Though you are engrossed in studies in New York and working hard to have a bright career, but I am sure that you are going to have a blast on this day. Make sure you call over your friends and party hard and make your birthday celebration as fun as possible.

Looking forward to meet you soon and see what all gifts you have got. And I really hope that we are together on your next birthday celebrating it together and making it super fun.

A very Happy Birthday to you again!!! Love you lots and do write to me when possible.

Your best friend,

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