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Inspirational and Heartfelt Birthday Letter to Sister on her Birthday

birthday letter to sister - Sample letter to sister on her birthday

It’s your sister’s birthday!!! Surely a very special occasion because it was on this day she came into your life. Make her even more special by writing a Happy Birthday sister letter to her. Bring back the joy of writing letters by penning a heartfelt letter to sister on her birthday. Forget cards and messages and send her a Birthday Wishes Letter where you can write something more than just Happy Birthday. So write a birthday letter to cousin or an open letter to your older sister on her birthday.

We bring a beautiful, inspiration birthday letter for sister written with love. A heartfelt birthday letter to sister from brother that brings out the love they share. You can even use it to write a happy birthday letter to your late sister.

Birthday Letter to Sister on Her Birthday

Date: 04.10.18
Dear Ria,

It was on this day, two one years ago, that you were born (OMG!!! Time flies really fast). HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet and adorable sister….. I still remember the day when mom and dad brought you home and I met you for the first time. The first time when I took you in my arms. You looked like an adorable princess, a cute doll. It was the happiest day for me because I knew that now I have someone with whom I can play day and night. I knew I have someone who will be my friend forever.

Over all these years, I have seen you grow. I have seen you become a strong and independent girl from a little baby. When I look back, I see a beautiful journey that we two have had. Those childhood memories when we would play with dolls and share our small secrets to present days when we are always there for each other sharing our lives, happy and sad moments.

On this day, which is not just your special day but also a very special day for me…. I want to tell you that I love you and I promise to be there by your side. Though, I am not there with you to hug you tight and wish you birthday but I am sending my best wishes. I pray to Almighty to shower you with all the happiness in this world. May He bless you with all the strength to become a wonderful woman who is an example for others. May you are successful in everything you do. May you have a wonderful day!!!

Your loving sister

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