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Birthday Letter to Friend

Birthday A day of celebration comes only once in a year and we all love to wish our near and dear ones on birthday in a very special way. Nowadays, it’s a trend of writing a letter to express your heart to your best friends. Writing a letter is a very creative, innovative and heart touching idea to express your feeling what exactly you feel for them. In everyone’s life there are always few members to whom you feel near and for each and every moment you love to be within their memories. They occupy a corner of your heart with lots of happiness, some unforgettable moments, weekend parties and many more but you want to make their birthday a special birthday. So you can try an idea to open your heart by writing a letter.

Sample Birthday Letter to Friend

Emily Jons ,

129, Margret Street,

Park Avenue South,

New York

Dear Emily,

To begin with, I presume the well being of you & your family.

It further gives me immense delight & bliss to wish you on your yet another birthday this year. Thinking of you brings back the sweet memories we shared in our school & college days. I still remember, I always had this desire to wish you in-person on your every birthday. However, times have changed & though wishing in-person may not seem viable, I pray to the Almighty to bless you with countless moments of success & joy. Knowing you inside-out, I can smell a grand gala celebration on your birthday as usual with your strong anticipation for gifts & presents. To satiate your desire for gifts, I am enclosing a small present along with.

In school days, you always detested being called 15 or 16 years OLD since you always wanted to be young. Hence, I wish you an eternal youth with vibrancy, verve, panache & élan. I have learnt that you are climbing up the professional ladder successfully. My compliments to you on your success which is as sweet as you are. I am glad that you are making everyone proud who is associated with you.

With a million dreams to realise, I once again wish you many-many happy returns of the day.

May you live long & continue to succeed in your life!

Your best friend,

Mark Tyson

35th floor- Hamilton crown

Bayonne, New Jersey

Given Below are a few Birthday letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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It’s your sister’s birthday!!! Surely a very special occasion because it was on this day she came into your life.

Birthday Letter to Husband Format
First of all writing a letter is an art. Some people do have this art since birth and some has to inherit from their surroundings.

Sample Birthday Letter to Girlfriend
Love is a beautiful act of nature. There are so many reasons and ways to express your love for someone special in your life.

Birthday Letter to Boyfriend
LOVE is considered as the touchiest feeling in the world. Every person in the world at any point of time come across with this kind of feeling which is called love.

Birthday Letter to a Daughter
Writing of any type of letter is an art but writing a birthday letter to your daughter is a superlative task as you are writing this letter to your princess daughter.

Birthday Invitation Letter
Birthdays are the most important part of the human life as only this is the day which is theirs only to celebrate with their friends/relatives or with their mates.

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