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Birthday Letter to Boyfriend

LOVE is considered as the touchiest feeling in the world. Every person in the world at any point of time come across with this kind of feeling which is called love. It has been considered that, the best way to express the feeling is, through writing. Suppose, you want to wish your boyfriend or your lover in an effective manner, the letter in writing is the best way for it. The person to whom you are writing should feel the waoo factor. Also the letter should reflect every thought, by the medium of the words. Specially, a birthday letter which is seen amongst boyfriends and girlfriends in loving relationships. As a girlfriend, you may write a birthday letter to your boyfriend with full zeal with keeping so many points in your mind. An illustration of such a letter is given below.

Birthday Letter to Boyfriend Sample


Suzain Howell,

6121, Link Road,

St. Regent Street, Barclay’s Lane

Male, Maldives


Andy Brown Clif,

1632, Pawola Lane,

West Street, 4822


20 May, 2014


Dearest Andy,

First of all I would like to congratulate you on this special occasion of you birthday and I wish that every dream of yours should come true soon. I am very much happy and feeling delighted while writing this letter as I have written it with the bottom of my heart. Really, I was waiting for this opportunity since long and today is the day where I am sharing all my feelings with you just because that you turn a year older today. My dear Andy, I must share that you are only one with whom I want to spend my upcoming life with you; you are so special that I feel like celebrating every single day of your life. I feel that I am at the top of the world whenever I spend time with you.

In addition, I must say, this is the fact that you have always been a blessing to me in various ways ever since we met with each other three years ago. As today is a great day, I want to use this opportunity to assure you about my limitless love and support. Long life and prosperity to you my dear. Take care always

Yours affectionately,


Given Below are a few Birthday letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Sample Birthday Letter to Girlfriend
Love is a beautiful act of nature. There are so many reasons and ways to express your love for someone special in your life.

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