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Tips to Write a Payment Agreement Letter

Study the below given tips for writing agreement letter to guide you better.

  • Give a clear headline as “payment agreement” at the top of the letter or you can also use the term “promissory note”.
  • Start writing with name, address and contact number of the sender of the agreement letter.
  • Then the details of the recipient same detail as the sender.
  • Do not forget to write down the name after the details of the two parties.
  • Subject line should be clear enough to describe the purpose of the agreement.
  • Mention the information about the amount of money lent to the payee in the initial paragraph.
  • Indicate all the terms of the payment agreement. Clearly state the process and structure of the payment.
  • Add a whole paragraph to mention the dates of payment or just give a list of the payment dates.
  • Specify the date when late fees or penalties institute and what the penalties are.
  • Give a clear description of any negotiation regarding the late payment in the written agreement.
  • At end make two lines, first for the payer and the second line is for the payee to sign.
  • At the end study the agreement letter and rectify if there is any mistake.
  • Print the name of both parties under the lines.

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