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Sample Letter

Program Acceptance Letter

Program Acceptance Letter

Program acceptance letter is a kind of approval letter addressed as positive response to the requested program organizer. Although the main goal of the letter is to deliver the confirmation on a certain matter that was under discussion, [...]

University Acceptance Letter

University Acceptance Letter

University acceptance letter is usually addressed by the registrar of the university or the head of the admission board to the selected student to inform them about his/her successful application. This letter contains information about the selection on [...]

School Acceptance Letter sample

School Acceptance Letter

The school acceptance letter is a formal letter addressed to a student as a positive response of his/her admission procedure. The student sends an admission application to a particular school he seeks for admission. If his/her application gets [...]

Airline Complaint Letter

Sample Complaint Letter to Airline

This type of letter is generally written by the frustrated guest by the poor service of the airline. It is just because of the dissatisfaction with the service of an airline which he/she has received from the airline, [...]

Resignation Acceptance Letter example

Resignation Acceptance Letter

When an employee submits his/her resignation to the department head or the other senior authority, it may either get accepted or rejected. If it gets accepted the concerned authority sends a letter of resignation acceptance to that employee. [...]

Scholarship Acceptance Letters

Scholarship Acceptance Letter

Every student dreams of winning a scholarship to get through education at premium institutions. The fortunate students who receive funds from some scholarship foundation required to write a thank you letter to the donor of the scholarship. Scholarship [...]

Sample Internship Acceptance Letter

Internship Acceptance Letter

Internship acceptance letters are normally addressed by corporate, private businesses, government or nonprofit organizations regarding the positive response of an internship application send by a student. The purpose of this letter is to inform the candidate about a [...]

harvard acceptance letter

Harvard Acceptance Letter

A Harvard Acceptance letter is a very prestigious letter as it depicts acknowledgement of one’s academic aptitude. This letter normally includes admission information and other required data for commencement of the admission procedure. This letter serves as the [...]

Award Acceptance Letter sample

Award Acceptance Letter

Writing an award acceptance letter is a good policy for anybody who receives award, accolades and recognition. It reinforces your professional approach on the board or committee offering the award. Keep the acceptance letter upbeat, professional and brief. [...]

Admissions Acceptance Letter

Admissions Acceptance Letter

An admission acceptance letter is addressed usually by the registrar or the head of the admission board on behalf of the institution to the selected candidates. The purpose of this letter is to inform an academia about the [...]