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Internship Acceptance Letter

Internship acceptance letters are normally addressed by corporate, private businesses, government or nonprofit organizations regarding the positive response of an internship application send by a student.

The purpose of this letter is to inform the candidate about a successful placement to an internship position by a company. Internships are carefully monitored work or service experience where a student intends to learn the basics about a certain job position.

It provides an opportunity to enhance classroom learning through practical career related work experience. This also gives a chance to learn while contributing to the organization’s needs.

We have provided a sample internship acceptance letter written by a manager of the human resource department to a candidate selected for an internship.

Sample Internship Acceptance Letter


Mr. Richard Longhop

Manager Human Resource

Y&Y Group of Industries

565, Rogers Ville

Ontario 6567677


Mr. Sanden Jewry

5457, Morris Lane

565, Eastern Square

Ontario 6567677

15 April, 2014

Subject: Internship Acceptance Letter

Dear Mr. Jewry,

I am pleased to inform you on behalf of Y&Y Group of Industries that your proposal for internship for the accountant position has been accepted by the Management of Y&Y Group of Industries.

This was based on your application and the interview that you did with us. Recruitment Committee has expressed a positive response and trust that you have one of the best results among the applicants.

As you know internship can be a very hectic period but I am sure you will be able to cope up with our expectations. The company will also reimburse you for reasonable and documented travel.

To indicate your acceptance of the company’s offer, please sign and date this letter. I look forward that you will justify the confidence we have in you.

With best wishes and regards,

Mr. Richard Longhop

Manager Human Resource

Y&Y Group of Industries

Given Below are a few Acceptance letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Program Acceptance Letter
Program acceptance letter is a kind of approval letter addressed as positive response to the requested program organizer.

University Acceptance Letter
University acceptance letter is usually addressed by the registrar of the university or the head of the admission board to the selected student to inform them about his/her successful application.

School Acceptance Letter
The school acceptance letter is a formal letter addressed to a student as a positive response of his/her admission procedure.

Resignation Acceptance Letter
When an employee submits his/her resignation to the department head or the other senior authority, it may either get accepted or rejected.

Scholarship Acceptance Letter
Every student dreams of winning a scholarship to get through education at premium institutions.

College Acceptance Letter
Whenever you apply in some college or university for a particular educational program, you expect a positive response from the specific institution.

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