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Program Acceptance Letter

Program acceptance letter is a kind of approval letter addressed as positive response to the requested program organizer. Although the main goal of the letter is to deliver the confirmation on a certain matter that was under discussion, there are several different forms of the same.

Program acceptance letters are usually warm and cordial letters of approval including the special stipulations or guidelines that is applicable to the situation. It clearly state what is being approved, including any associated dates, locations, or other related information to avoid any misunderstanding. Generally approval letters are composed in a brief manner written strictly to the point.   

Program Acceptance Letter Sample


Mr. Thomas Ray

Program Coordinator

City Life Mega Event

54/5 Future Groups

Amsterdam 65678


Mr. Denial Swede


Beautiful World

454 Norman Streets

Amsterdam 65678

Date: 16 April, 2014

Subject: Program Acceptance Letter

Dear Mr. Swede

I am pleased to inform you that City Life Mega Event organizers have accepted your request to promote your cause of making a clean and healthy world in City Life Mega Event 2014 celebration.

We have agreed to provide you 30 minutes in between the show of jewelry ramp walk where you can organize and play your skit. The only concern of the City Life Mega Event organizers are that you to turn up with some grand show, in order to deliver the viewers an eye catching presentation.

Everyone here at City Life Mega Event wishes you the best of luck and we eagerly waiting to see the rehearsal of your program as we want you to present the program first to our selection team for their approval. I have enclosed all the obligatory details along with this letter for your inspection.

 If you have any query regarding the details free feel to contact me. Kindly confirm the program from your end.

City Life Mega Event will look forward for a good and refreshing performance.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. Thomas Ray

Program Coordinator

City Life Mega Event

Given Below are a few Acceptance letter samples for a clearer Idea.

University Acceptance Letter
University acceptance letter is usually addressed by the registrar of the university or the head of the admission board to the selected student to inform them about his/her successful application.

School Acceptance Letter
The school acceptance letter is a formal letter addressed to a student as a positive response of his/her admission procedure.

Resignation Acceptance Letter
When an employee submits his/her resignation to the department head or the other senior authority, it may either get accepted or rejected.

Scholarship Acceptance Letter
Every student dreams of winning a scholarship to get through education at premium institutions.

College Acceptance Letter
Whenever you apply in some college or university for a particular educational program, you expect a positive response from the specific institution.

Internship Acceptance Letter
Internship acceptance letters are normally addressed by corporate, private businesses, government or nonprofit organizations regarding the positive response of an internship application send by a student.

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