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Tips for Writing Effective Internship Acceptance Letter

Here you will get very useful tips to draft an internship acceptance letter on behalf of your organization.

  • Draft the internship acceptance letter on basic formal guidelines: headline, introduction, body and closing.
  • Make sure to be specific and detailed in describing what the employer is expecting with the intern.
  • It should be a formal letter with a welcoming note.
  • Mention details regarding the internship in the main paragraph.
  • Give a brief description about the job nature.
  • Such letters should be able to communicate the fact that the organization values the intern’s intelligence and skills.
  • In the middle paragraph include the details of the job responsibilities expected of the intern by the organization.
  • It is also helpful to include that you are grateful and your appreciation for what is being offered.
  • If applicable mention a certain deadline date too.
  • List all the documents or credentials required to submit or produce for the completion of internship procedure.
  • Conclude the letter stating you are excited to start with the new intern.

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