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10 Tips on Writing Effective Resignation Acceptance Letter

Follow these tips for writing effective resignation letter.

  • This is a business letter so compose it on the professional business format.
  • Keep the resignation letter short and up to the point.
  • A polite and positive tone is much required in a resignation acceptance letter.
  • Ensure to keep your tone positive in your acceptance of resignation letter ensure as there is nothing to gain from being critical or by raking up issues.
  • Clearly state that you are accepting the resignation in the opening lines of the letter itself.
  • Confirm the date the resignation effective in the first paragraph.
  • Ask the employee to continue to perform to his/her usual high standards till his tenure.
  • Never forget to thank the employee for his/her satisfactory services to the company till the date of resignation.
  • Wish your employee the best in the future.
  • Try to leave a positive note in the acceptance letter as you may need the employee in future.

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