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Sample Complaint Letter to Airline

This type of letter is generally written by the frustrated guest by the poor service of the airline. It is just because of the dissatisfaction with the service of an airline which he/she has received from the airline, either from ground services or flight services. The airline complaint letter should contain details of the incident for the airline management to consider appropriate action on the complaint so that they can get proper information about it. Even you can mention the concerning person name as well in the letter if you know among the department pr by his/her appearance. This letter is appropriate when the airline does not provide feedback forms.

Example Complaint  Letter to Airline:


Sanjay Kapoor
2032 Park Street


August 17, 2013


Customer Service Manager
Oriental Airlines
2452 Maple Drive
Mumbai, Maharashtra 94010

Dear Sir/Madam

RE: Complaint against Bad Service

I have traveled with Oriental Airlines several times in the past five years. Normally, I am very happy with the service. However, on August 14, 2014, I had an unpleasant experience. This has been very upsetting for me, and I want to send you a letter to give you the opportunity to respond.

This was not a scheduled trip. My mother unexpectedly passed away. I bought the tickets at full price at the last minute to attend her funeral. I was to leave Bangalore at 8:16 am and supposed to arrive in Mumbai. My flight number was 12345. I have enclosed a copy of my ticket for your reference.

Unfortunately, the flight was delayed for one and half hour. The reason I was given was for “mechanical issues.” It was not related to the weather. As a result, this flight delay prevented me from reaching my connected flight in Delhi to Mumbai but coincidentally I got another flight at the moment to reach there but still had reached late. I am very sad that I was unable to be there.

I am kindly asking that you please compensate me for the delay. I have enclosed a self-address stamped envelopment for your convenience and let me know if you require any related query.



Given Below are a few complaint letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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