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Admissions Acceptance Letter

An admission acceptance letter is addressed usually by the registrar or the head of the admission board on behalf of the institution to the selected candidates. The purpose of this letter is to inform an academia about the successful student applicant of his/her eligibility for a program. It is normally written in a formal tone.

Moreover in quest of good education every student wishes for such courses that will help them to be gainfully employed and are of their preference. The letter states the approval of his/her applied course or educational program. It also includes the program commencement date with an admiring message of the student’s success upon getting into the program.

Sample Admissions Acceptance letter


Prof. Thomas Learner

Head of admission board

University of Chicago

7678, West Land

446467 Chicago


Ms Jennet Winged

3345, Marine Drive

ZY6576 Las Vegas

Date: April 14, 2014

Subject: Admission acceptance in the two year diploma program of French language

Dear Ms Jennet,

We congratulate you for the acceptance of your application for the diploma program in French language. You are requested to report to the Faculty Dean on the April 10, 2014 at 10.00 am with all your necessary documents to complete the admission formalities.

There will be an orientation week to be organized from April 12, 2014 to make you acquainted with the university premise, regulations and expectations. You will obtain your class schedule and reading list during the orientation.

To accept your offer of admission, you will require completing an admissions acceptance form and paying your acceptance fee by the deadline indicated in the brochure.

Please contact our admission office if you have any questions regarding your admission offer, completing the Response Form, or submitting an enrollment deposit (e-mail: xxxxxxx@axxxx, phone: +1.40000.000).

Congratulations on your successful acceptance.

With best wishes and regards

Prof. Thomas Learner

Head of admission board

University of Chicago

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