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Harvard Acceptance Letter

A Harvard Acceptance letter is a very prestigious letter as it depicts acknowledgement of one’s academic aptitude. This letter normally includes admission information and other required data for commencement of the admission procedure.

This letter serves as the first opportunity to correspond with the successful new students of Harvard. To compose a formal, official and cordial Harvard acceptance letter, it is important to make it just perfect because this is the most important letter for the student whose life is about to change for good.

A formal Harvard acceptance letter sample notifying a student’s acceptance for enrollment is also mentioned below.

Sample Harvard Acceptance Letter


Mr. Joseph Stevens

Admissions Department

Harvard University

54 Maryland Street


ZX 107653

Tel: (000)0000000


Ms Mia Larry

443, Open Lane

Frontward Square

Ontario 245500

April 15, 2014

Subject: Admission Acceptance in Arts and Drama Program

Dear Ms. Larry,

I am writing to congratulate you on behalf of Harvard University for our admission acceptance of your application to enroll in Arts and Drama Program this year. As you know, Harvard University has been recognized for our high values in the application process and our dedication to academic excellence. We were very impressed by the contents of your application and the academic history. Hence, we look forward into welcoming you to our family this year.

Kindly study the enclosed admission booklet to get acquainted with our admission procedures. You are also advised to contact our Admissions Office before may 10, 2014 for your Admissions Kit.

Please fill out the enclosed forms and return them to us no later than Jun 1, 2014 so that we may facilitate your enrollment in our 2014 program. However, if your corrected filled form does not reach by May 5, 2014, you will be deemed to have declined our acceptance offer. If you have any questions or problems, do not hesitate to bring them up. Please call us at (000)000-0000.

Hope that you find your Harvard experience satisfying, pleasing and everything you are anticipating. We look forward to see you this fall at Harvard for a new and uplifting experience.

Congratulations again on your successful acceptance.

Best wishes and regards,

Mr. Joseph Stevens

Admissions Department

Harvard University

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