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Contract Acceptance Letter

Contract acceptance letter is quite common in the business world where corporate deal occurs every now and then. A contract is a legal document and needs to be professionally constructed. Numerous transactions are being made every day and all such professional deals can be communicated via acceptance letters.

Such a letter is a formal written documents drafted to make sure the parties engaged in a business deal agree upon the terms and conditions communicated to each other. Thus, it is one of the important forms of business letter writing.

Furthermore any last minute change can affect the quality of work to a great extent. Therefore, a contract acceptance letter acts as a preventive measure against occurrence of such problems. A sample template is also given to offer you a basic idea of the same.

Sample Contract Acceptance Letter


Mr. Dennis Lone

General Manager

Future Group of Builders

54, Rogers’s garden

46566 Leyland


Mr. Johnson Feeler

Managing Director

J & K Designers

454, Tribunal Street

46566 Leyland

14 April, 2014

Subject: Contract Acceptance Letter

Dear Mr. Feeler

I am writing this letter with great pleasure to inform you on behalf of the management of Future Group of Builders that the company has accepted to enter in a joint venture with J & K Designers.

I would like to remind you the terms we have discussed over our last meeting. Now onwards J & K Designers will be responsible for the interiors of the commercial buildings and we Future Group of Builders will be for the construction. The complete details of the contract are listed out in the enclosed business agreement.

Your goodwill in market and impressive record is the base of our contract. J & K Designers are not only free of any legal charge but also full of achievements. Future Group of Builders has full faith in this contract and hopeful that you will not disappoint us.

Thanking you in anticipation of your encouraging response.

With best wishes and regards,

Mr. Dennis Lone

General Manager

Future Group of Builders

Given Below are a few Acceptance letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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