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business letters

formal business congratulations letter

Business Congratulation Letter

A business congratulation letter is usually written to congratulate your employee/ business partner/ associates/ clients/ on their success. Such letters are obligatory and anticipated where your business partner or associate has received any award or achieved a remarkable [...]

Business Recognition Letter

Business Recognition Letter

Business recognition letter is typically composed to recognize someone for an achievement whether it is personal or professional. This is some of the nice practices of appreciation in workplace. Encouragement and recognition go a long way to motivate [...]

Business Proposal Letter Example

Business Proposal Letter

Business proposal letters are usually addressed to the potential or existing client or customers to offer or propose new services or products. If a company is providing the best in the market it addresses a proposal letter to [...]

Here are some tips to compose a professional business introduction letter to generate a positive impression on the readers. Write your business introduction letter on a standard business format with a professional and formal language. Start with your [...]

Business Appointment Letter format

Business Appointment Letter

Requesting someone for a business meeting in his/her busy schedule is a challenging job. And if you have never met the person, it may turn uglier. Here comes the role of business appointment letters. You can use such [...]

To make your business announcement letter more effective kindly go through the few tips mentioned below. Be cordial and polite in your tone while writing such letters. In this letter mention all the specific terms and information for [...]

How to Write a Business Letter

Business letters are formal letters to serve several business purposes. It is an active form of communication between two or more parties. They may be informational, persuasive, motivational, or promotional. They are typed and printed on standard business [...]

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