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Business Enquiry Letter

Business enquiry letters are formal letters addressed to some individual or an organization to put some inquiry or to ask some question regarding business. It is a professional mode of asking questions. This letter is used by an organization for enquiry. It could be for asking about the offers/ products or services provided by some company.

Such letters are quite similar to regular business Enquiry letter writing. It can be written in a straight style to make reader more comfortable.

Sample Business Enquiry Letter


Mr. Jacob Been

34/5 Millais Avenues

7, New Lane

Canada 24547


Mr. Henrico Foster

Head Business Marketing

5, Yellow Towers

Ultimate Streets

Canada 69059

Date: 26 May, 2014

Subject: Business Enquiry Letter for the Catalogue

Dear Mr. Henrico Foster,

I am writing this letter in order to enquire about the interior designing catalogue for my newly constructed home as we have discussed over the phone on 31 January, 2014. I would like to see your designs and select some for my home.

With reference to my requirement send me some samples of maple wood designs for my living area and sandal wood for my bedroom. You are also requested to enclose the piece list and your charges with the catalogue.

Kindly send your representative at my home to check out the place where these designed would be placed. Your prompt response is anticipated.


Jacob Been

34/5 Millais Avenues

Given Below are a few business letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Block Business Letter Sample
Block business letters are the most popular and generally used format of business letters written in block layout. Every information is typed flush left, with additional one-inch margin surrounding the letter.

Business Greeting Letter Example
Business greeting and encouragement letters express legitimate support and motivation for their achievements.

Business Letter Enclosure Notation
Sample Business letter enclosure notation is usually written to serve the official purpose when some other documents regarding the business deal is required.

Sample Business Letter of Intent
Business letter of intent is generally addressed by business organizations who intend to come together for business with another business companion.

Business Marketing Letter
Business marketing letter is a frequently used formal letter in business organizations. It is written to serve the business/ market condition/ new product promotion and so on.

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