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Business Greeting Letter

Business greeting and encouragement letters express legitimate support and motivation for their achievements. You can compose a business greeting letter to your partner/associate on their remarkable achievements or success. A well written encouragement letter motivates the reader to a great extent.

As you are aware that greetings and compliments are the features commonly exchanged between business corporations in terms of building a more strong business relationship. A well written business letter facilitates a good business understanding and improves the relations between organizations. It serves as a compliment letter to appreciate the achievements the receiver. Hence, it has to be designed with words of gratitude.

Sample Business Greeting Letter


Mr. Mark Lynn

Managing Director

Wonder Industries

5, Trading Square

Norman Lane

Brisbane 47689


Ms. Jane Catha

Manager Public Relation

Blessing Builders

76, Cathedral Streets

Brisbane 77545

Date: 26 May, 2014

Subject: Business greeting letter

Dear Ms. Catha,

I am writing this on behalf of the staff and management of Wonder Industries to congratulate you for the grand opening of the Mega Mall. I wish to offer warm and sincere greetings to your organization Blessing Builders. After seven glorious years of our business partnership, it has become intuitive and essential to extend you this letter of greeting.

The success of your new project Mega Mall is a matter of honor for Wonder Industries. We are proud to have Blessing Builders as a business partner as a trusted and genuine business partner like you is a rare phenomenon in the business world. We admire your extraordinary qualities of honesty, trust, commitment and business ethics.

We hope that this mutually warm relationship between Blessing Builders and Wonder Industries will more flourish in the future. Kindly accept our best wishes you for all your endeavors.

Thank you and regards,

Mr. Mark Lynn

Managing Director

Wonder Industries

Given Below are a few business letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Block Business Letter Sample
Block business letters are the most popular and generally used format of business letters written in block layout. Every information is typed flush left, with additional one-inch margin surrounding the letter.

Business Letter Enclosure Notation
Sample Business letter enclosure notation is usually written to serve the official purpose when some other documents regarding the business deal is required.

Sample Business Letter of Intent
Business letter of intent is generally addressed by business organizations who intend to come together for business with another business companion.

Business Marketing Letter
Business marketing letter is a frequently used formal letter in business organizations. It is written to serve the business/ market condition/ new product promotion and so on.

Business Enquiry Letter
Business enquiry letters are formal letters addressed to some individual or an organization to put some inquiry or to ask some question regarding business.

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