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Sympathy Letter to Employee

If there is a death in the family of an employee then as an employer you must write condolence letter expressing sorrow on the loss he has suffered. It is important write a few rods of sympathy to impart some strength and hope to the bereaved. As an employer, you need to understand that your employees are the most important assets of your organization and in such sensitive times, you must be there with them imparting them and their family some support.

Take a look at the sample format to create your personalized sympathy letter employee to express your emotions and feelings on the loss. Use it as the basis for creating a customized letter to tell your employee that you are there for him. Soothe him with your words and make him feel a lot better.

Sample Sympathy Letter to Employee

Dear Mrs. Smith,

I felt deeply sad when I learn about death of Sam and I would like to express my heartfelt sympathies to you and your family on behalf of the administration and the team at ABC Corporation. Your husband was a respectful man who has always made our company feel prod with his work. All this teammates and seniors adored him for this wonderful nature. He was an amazing leader who always supported, guided and led his team for a energized performance.

Sam has made extra-ordinary contribution to ABC Corporation during his service of 12 years. He has completed every responsibility that was allotted to him with complete honesty and dedication. Trust me, he will always be remembered for his amazing contribution which has been a major factor in the growth of the company.

Please accept my sincere condolences at this tough time. Please pass these sentiments on to your family and children. Sam was an extra-ordinary soul. For all these years, he has been influencing our lives for the good. We all are going to miss him for live.

With sincere sympathy

Simon Gibbs

Given Below are a few Sympathy Letter samples for a clearer Idea :-

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