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Sympathy Letter for Loss of Job

Losing a job is a big thing. It is one of the most challenging times of your life because you feel like you have been left out. If you have a friend, relative or a colleague who has lost his job then you must write a sympathy letter for loss of job to make them feel better. But writing such a letter is not a simple thing as you don’t know what words to pick, what sentences to frame.

If you have to pen a sympathy letter for loss of job to a friend or colleague then follow the template given below. Use it for creating a personalized letter by expressing your feelings. Make sure that you write a motivating letter which can induce new hope in the reader.

Sympathy Letter for Loss of Job

Chrish James

12 Crimson Road

New York


Date: March 23, 2015.

Dear Chrish,

I was in deep shock when I got to know that you have lost your job. I know that you loved your work and your performance has always been so good. You have been awarded as the Sales Person of the Year quite a few times. I am really shocked that what happened so suddenly that management had to take such a decision. It was such an unexpected decision.

The purpose of writing this letter is to tell you that I am always there for you. Let us meet over coffee this weekend so that we can talk on this detail and work together on helping you find a better job soon. I want to tell you that your work at ABC Corporation was wonderful and now when you are not here I miss you as my co-worker.

Once we talk then I would be able to help you find the most suitable job for you as I will know what kind of profile are you interested in. I will also refer you on social media and send your resume to my friends so that they can also recommend you in their company.

Confirm me our meeting along with time and place so that we can meet and resolve this situation. I assure you that you are not alone in this job search. I will be there to help you.



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