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Sympathy Letter for Loss of Pet

Loss of a pet can be a moment of heartbreak for all those who are deeply attached with their cats and dogs. They consider their pets as an important part of their families and when their pets die, they feel they have lost an important member of their family. When their best furry friends leave them, it is extremely heartbreaking for them. They care for them like their children and for them they are not animals but their best companions who love them unconditionally.

If you also have a friend or relative who is deeply attached with his or her pet then writing a sympathy letter for loss of pet is a sweet gesture. To help you frame an emotional and sensitive condolence letter, here is an example format which has been designed especially for the loss of pet.

Sample Sympathy Letter for Loss of Pet

Dear Martha

When I got to know about Brownie’s death, I was in deep shock. I know that losing Brownie is one of the most terrible losses for you. I am extremely sorry. I know Brownie was such an important part of life. From last eight years, she has been your companion who would just be around you all the time. Her love for you was unconditional and she would do simply anything for you.

It was just last week when I met her and she was all fine. Her sudden death has come to me as a great shock. She was such a cute and adorable pet. Brownie was so lucky to have found you as her owner and you were equally blessed to have her as your pet.

My deepest sympathy on her death. She will always be a part of our sweet memories.


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