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Sympathy Letter for Loss of Husband

When a wife loses her husband, it is one of the most difficult times for her. It is the most devastating loss for her as the relationship between a wife and a husband is a blend of different associations. Sympathy letter for loss of husband is written with an in tension to help her pass through the grieving process with strength and faith in god.

If you have friend, relative or a colleague who has lost her husband then few words of condolences can really give her lot of strength to pass this tough time with positivity. Here is an example format to help you frame a warm sympathy letter for loss of husband using the most appropriate words. You can use this template to create your own custom made letter which will make the wife a little better.

Sample Sympathy Letter for Loss of Husband

Ana James

12 Crimson Road

New York


Date: March 23, 2015.

Dear Ana,

I was extremely sad to know that Gerard is no longer with us. He was a wonderful man. He was an intelligent and respectful person. I have known him since high school and he was the one who use to help me with my science projects. His knowledge about all sorts of researches in chemistry, physics and other scientific fields was amazing. This is the reason he became such a successful engineer.

He was gem of a person who has always gone an extra mile to do things for people around him. He was always there as a real friend by my side whenever I needed any kind of support or advice. Be it my career counseling or my marriage counseling, he has done it all.

I am really going to miss my best friend. And I can understand that being his wife, the love of his life, it must be so difficult for you to experience such a loss in your life. You two were an amazing couple and we all know he loved you the most. I am sure his soul would not like seeing you depressed and dull. Gerard will always live in our hearts. He will always be alive in our memories.

I will pray to God that gives you and your family all the strength to deal with such a loss. Lots of love to you and your family. I shall soon come to see you and I am really sorry that I could not make up for his cremation as I got the news really very late.

Tale care.


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