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New Employee Announcement Letter

A New Employee Announcement letter is a formal announcement about the joining of a new employee in a company. In some ways, this is also the most convenient way to inform office staff and crew to be ready to welcome a new colleague in the office. Such letter gives all information in written to avoid further queries about the new employee.

This announcement letter introduces the new employee to his/ her new coworkers. It provides an opportunity for employer to inform them about the new employee, and share his/her skills and experience.

This letter allows you to shape your employee’s perceptive of what the new employee brings to the team. You can also share the new employee’s work experience, education, and skills to put up a positive expectation from the new coworkers.

Sample New Employee Announcement Letter:

09 April, 2014


Mr. Harry Foster
Image Public Relations

ER 43 Copland


The Employees

Image Public Relations

ER 43 Copland

Subject: Announcement of New Employee Mr. Robin Jocelyn

Dear Staff Members,

This is to inform all current members at Image Public Relations about the integration of a new staff to our team, Mr. Robin Jocelyn. He was previously working in our branch office in Washington and is going to join our team in the place of Mrs. Patty.

He has been a multitasking efficient staff in Washington for more than five years and has proven his capabilities and skills there. Mr. Jocelyn will join our team next week.

Kindly welcome him in our department in a way that he would be pleased. As you know Mr. Jocelyn has been a good employee to our entire company. He only needs a little orientation about our system here and I am pretty sure that he doesn’t need further trainings when it comes to the tasks that he will be responsible for.

Let us work hand in hand for the success of our company. I am hoping for your full participation in this matter. I always feel proud on the team spirit that exists within the company, and hope it will always remain intact. Thank you very much.

Yours faithfully,

Mr. H. Foster

Manager H.R.

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