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Baby Announcement Letter

Baby Announcement Letter is an informal letter addressed to close friends and relatives. This is a personal good news letter. It is a way of letting friends and family know about what is anticipated and how you feel about it.

Such letters give you a chance to share your happiness with the people who care the most. It is normally addressed to some close colleagues or even distant relatives and all the known people about the confirmation of the baby on the way. This an informal letter so it should be warm and friendly. Here we have presented a sample Baby Announcement Letter for you to make your letter writing more effective and friendly.

Sample of Baby Announcement Letter:


Mr. Robert Swain

Manager Marketing

High Clouds Builders

Boston 5346

06th April 2014

Subject: Baby announcement letter

Dear Robert,

I wish this letter reaches you in colossal dazzling ovation as I want you to be among the first to know the incredibly good news that I have received ever in my life. Going to share you that great news but before that want to ask about your new job and how is Rosy and little Rainy? Do convey my best wishes to Rosy and heartiest blessing to Rainy.

And now I am going to reveal the great news. Here it is! I am going to become a father for the very first time!!! It has been an incredible experience that we wouldn’t trade for anything.

I am still trying to recollect those sweet memories of my marriage with Suzan, my college friend. It was a casual relationship which gradually converted into true love and once our families had accepted, we were blessed beyond limits. It is almost five years from now. Yesterday the doctor has confirmed that we are going to have our new tiny bundle of joy in next nine months and I am increasingly so eagerly waiting for that day to arrive!! It is indeed a memorable moment to share and we are feeling so blessed! We are overwhelmed by the thought that we are going to be parents.

 Please let your parents know about the same and convey them my regards.

Your friend,

Thomas Drizzle

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