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Love Letter to Father

A father writes this father love letter to express his love for his child. Generally, fathers cannot express his feeling of love and care, verbally so they write this letter. The letter is filled with a father’s emotion to his kids to protect them in any kind of danger and gives love to them. The letter is personal so anyone can write what is one’s mind and if it is about an important note, then it must present perfectly. Your words should state your thoughts as the same way you want.

Here in the example, a father writes this letter to his daughter to express his happiness to have her. He also makes her aware about the world as she grows old and assures her that he is always with her.

Sample Love Letter to Father


James T. McMillan

2511 Elkview Drive

Roswell, GA 30075


Susan E. McMillan

2902 Everette Alley

Plantation, FL 33317

To My One and Only Daughter,

I am glad to have you as my daughter, you are a sweet angel for me and your dad loves you so much. To me, you always remain a kid, but I know you are a lady now. You need to be mature and always think twice before making any decision. So, please be careful with your deeds. Some may like your way, but some may also hate you. As I am not there, you need to protect yourself.

I worry about you to think that how you are. I hope all is okay with you, but if there is anything you need to tell me, you can say what is in your mind. Remember one thing that I am always with you to support in your every need.

I miss you very much my princess and I love you more than anything else.

Take care always.



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